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I-FUND LMS delivers an integrated and unified platform that seamlessly handles multiple loan variants and products, business rules and reporting requirements across online and brick & mortar stores

I-FUND LMS delivers true customer lifecycle management, from marketing and lead management, to call centre management, customer upsell, cross-sell, renewal and customer service. I-FUND LMS lets you define your Call Center workflow, create and monitor your teams with a hierarchy, rank call queues and integrate with a dialer of your choice

I-FUND LMS understands the need for flexibility in configuring various items such as Emails, Loan Agreements, Underwriting, Scoring, Auto-Origination, Email Templates, etc. I-FUND LMS lets you define the way you are going to use these items in your portfolio.

Taking in a good lead forms a major part of lending. Identifying a good lead happens through underwriting. I-FUND LMS provides a powerful underwriting component that allows setting the number of checks & choose the rules to be used to verify leads with ease.

Integration with Third-Party providers is aplenty in I-FUND LMS. It is integrated with Multiple credit bureaus allowing the user to pick and choose the desired bureau(s) to use for scoring. Be it ACH Providers or Electronic Signature Captures or Lead Management Software, etc. You name it I-FUND LMS has it.

Crediting and Debiting the customer always is a tedious process of accumulating the loan disbursements and payment charges to be collected. I-FUND LMS does that with ease using the ACH Process feature. It allows multiple format files to be created and uploaded with a click of a button. What more? you can automate it too.

I-FUND LMS powers the user with a comprehensive module named Payment Handler that allows change of payment, new payment creation, payment schedule generation without doing complex processes. This applies to all loan statuses from Paying As Agreed to Collections.

I-FUND LMS gives you the power to maintain multiple Loan Agreements for different types of loans or for different states. Unique Loan Agreement URLs will be created for each loan. The customers also get the option of uploading an image or sign or type their name for the agreement signature.

E-mail and SMS automation means that I-FUND LMS will remember to send routine emails or text messages so you don’t have to. You can use pre-defined templates configured for most possible scenarios or create your own template for a new scenario.


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