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Welcome to Greenriver Finance. Your number one source for intelligent sub-prime lending solutions.

Founded in 2002 by John Theofilis, Greenriver has come a long way from its brick and mortar beginnings as a sub-prime credit provider. During our company’s development, we succeeded in implementing an operational structure that was efficient and profitable. We know how to lend money, and we understand the needs of lenders in today’s technologically dependant industry. Together with our team of developers, we have created an automated platform that combines 18 years of lending experience with state of the art technology. This resulted in the construction of a tightly knit and highly efficient platform that automates every single aspect of your operations. Every detail was considered to help you thrive in a space where optimal performance is imperative.


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It’s all about you. We focus on building strong and lasting relationships with our customers and licensees.


We bring honour and integrity to everything that we do. We want to earn your trust.


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Entrepreneurial Spirit

It is our mission to empower our people and help shape the future of their business.


It’s simple. Our success relies on yours. We want you to succeed.

Sense of Humor

We strike a balance between hard work and having fun, never taking ourselves too seriously.



in the Canadian microloan industry since 2002

2002.The Early Days

Greenriver begins providing short term loans in a local capacity in Montreal.

2016.A new vision

Greenriver signs an agreement with 514loans/Prets514. By utilizing the reach of the internet, Greenriver begins to offer more constructive non-prime credit to customers in Quebec and Ontario.

2017.Innovative Development

Greenriver is able to grow in a very competitive segment and begins developing an LMS (loan management software)in order to optimize its performance.

2018.Continued Growth and Development

Another year of strong growth. Greenriver completes a demo version of its software and names it i-fund LMS.

2019.The Year that brought it all together

Greenriver maintains growth and integrates i-fund with state of the art integrations, that include fraud detection, and automated credit risk analysis. Additionally, this year established a marketing strategy that will be implemented in the First Quarter of 2020.

2020.The Launch

Stay tuned for an interesting year.


We want to make a difference

What unites us is a passion for client service and a desire to make an impact every day in the lives of employees and the clients we serve.

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